Waning Moon Bath and Selfcare Routine

When the moon is waning, it decreases in light, moving forward towards a New Moon. It is a time of slowing down, taking a break, and letting go. In this article, I will talk a bit more about the Waning Moon and share with you a selfcare ritual to carry out during this time of stillness.

Waning Moon phase
On 26 February 2019, the moon will be waning, meaning it’s decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. The Waning Moon phase is a sublime moment to be still for a moment and think about things you want to let go. It’s the time to focus on what’s already in your life that you want to let go, like cleaning out your house. The Waning Moon is all about slowing down and connecting with your true self on a deeper level. It is a time of resting, releasing, and making space in your mind and home. Closure, cleansing and letting go; the Waning Moon provides the best energy for these actions. We should think of the Waning Moon phase as a preparation for the New Moon, which is the time for transformation and growth. We’re cleaning out our houses, minds and spirits for a new start. This means it’s also the perfect time for cleaning your room, getting rid of stuff that you meant to throw away ages ago, decluttering your house.


Bath and Self care Routine
As some of you probably already know, lavender is my favorite herb. I have it tattooed on my ankle; I use a lavender pillow spray to help me fall asleep, I drink it as a tea and of course I grow it in my garden. Lavender always helps me feel grounded. For me, it is a gentle herb that soothes and calms my nerves. this is why I love using it for my Waning Moon bath and Selfcare Routine. I also use magnesium bath salt flakes to relax my muscles.

If you don’t have a bath, you can also use a lavender body wash, a salty body scrub and lavender incense sticks. Or, choose a herb of your own liking! Rosemary, for example, will help you feel uplifted and works as a memory booster. Find something that makes you feel calm, something that will help you with letting go.

Now sit on the edge of your bath tub and sprinkle your herb of choice (either dried or as an essential oil) into the warm water. Breathe deeply. Inhale the aroma of the herbs and visualize the steam healing you, dissolving your worries. When exhaling, visualize the negative energies coming out of you to be replaced by new and positive energies. Then, get in the bath and keep deep breathing and visualizing. Stay in the bath tub for a maximum of fifteen minutes; any longer and you’ll start to reabsorb the energetic toxins you’ve just released.

Trust and let go.

As you gently rub yourself dry, think of everything you’re letting go of, and be kind to yourself. Apply some (lavender)oil or other soothing cream and feel how your body and mind are filled with positive energy.

What is your Waning Moon ritual? Will you be trying out my bath and selfcare ritual? Let me know in the comments below!

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