Green Challenge: The Minimalism Game


Ever heard of the Minimalism Game? Neither did I. I came across it while Twittering and it immediately sparked my interest. I was reading more about it on Het Grote Groene Geluk (freely translated to “The Big Green Happiness”) – they wrote they’ll be starting a new Minimalism Game in November, but I don’t feel like I can wait that long (especially with Nanowrimo coming up next month!) That’s why I’ve decided I’ll start today.

What it the Minimalism Game? On the first day, you get rid of one item. On the second, you get rid of two items, on the third, three items, and so forth. After thirty days, you’ve gotten rid of 465 items! Crazy, right? Not sure if I can make it, but I do love a challenge once in a while.

The challenge doesn’t mean you should recklessly throw everything away. Think about donating stuff, or giving it away to someone who can really use it. Only if you think there’s no use for it, throw it away, but make sure to recycle it!

I already got rid of one thing – a box of Thank You cards I’ve never used. I’ve left them at the Old Lodge for someone else to take.

Follow my progress on Instagram and let me know if you’ll be playing The Minimalism Game with me!


6 Replies to “Green Challenge: The Minimalism Game”

    1. Ik kon gewoon niet wachten! Ik verzin vaak genoeg smoesjes om maar niet dingen weg te hoeven doen, maar tegelijkertijd maken veel spullen om me heen me niet echt gelukkig, eerder het tegenovergestelde. Het kan best overweldigend zijn wat je allemaal om je heen verzamelt!

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  1. Succes! Ik heb m vorig jaar ook gedaan, maar het was niet mijn methode. Wel heel leuk om te doen hoor, je ontdekt echt van alles (en dat is niet persé een goed iets, hahaha).


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