Discovering myself through nature

Kate from @allthingswomenshare was so kind to give me a platform to share my story. Curious about me? Then don’t hesitate and read on!

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The beautiful Lisa (@kitchenoflion) has shared her story of how becoming vegan has helped her to find a real connection with herself and nature. #yourstory

I find strength in nature. Always have. A stroll through the woods will always bring a feeling of connectedness to me, a feeling of belonging. I don’t always know who I am, but surrounded by trees I know that I am.
Nature is forgiving. Loving. Kind. Nature does not judge. I try to live like that, be open minded, say no to cruelty. I think that is what makes me so passionate about veganism, it’s all about love in the end. Loving yourself, loving others. And I’m always learning. I don’t know whose quote this is, but it has stuck with me for a couple of years now and it has become my mantra: “Walk this earth with bare feet and an open heart.” I…

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“The Willy Wonka of vegan junkfood”: Happy Friday Kitchen in Oxford ★★★★★

Yesterday I went to Happy Friday Kitchen for the first time ever after so many people recommended it to me. Hidden on Cowley Road, this place is an absolute walhalla for vegans. Food & drink: ★★★★★ Happy Friday Kitchen is a 100% vegan diner that serves "Californian style" food, including burgers, pizza's, hot dogs and …