Stinging Nettle, its Health Benefits and uses

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a plant that most people try to avoid. But did you know it's actually quite healthy? Put on some gardening gloves and grasp the nettle! If you like kale or spinach, you'll probably like nettle too. It's rich in vitamin A, C, D, K, and iron and is very tasty.… Continue reading Stinging Nettle, its Health Benefits and uses

Vegan Courgette & Nettle Soup Recipe

After three weeks of being on holiday I feared my allotment hadn't survived. But it turned out everything was fine - thanks to the heavy rains England had endured. The courgette plant in particular had grown considerably. But what to do with three enormous courgettes? I decided to make soup. During a walk in the… Continue reading Vegan Courgette & Nettle Soup Recipe