Recipe: no-egg salad

Jump to Dutch version Sundays are for lazy comfort food, right? That's why I made a no-egg salad on toast. Prep 10 minutes Portions 4 portions Ingredients 1 can of chickpeas, drained (but keep a spoonful of aquafaba) 4 chopped gherkins 1 tsp grated horseradish 2 tbs vegan mayonnaise 1 tsp curry powder 1 diced onion Mash… Continue reading Recipe: no-egg salad

Recipe: Spooky vegan cookies!

Jump to Dutch version Boo! Today, I'm sharing my recipe for spooky vegan cookies! Don't worry, they don't bite back! Prep 25 minutes Bake 20 minutes Portions 16 cookies Ingredients for the cookies 225 flour ¼ teaspoon salt 50 gram icing sugar 160 gram plant based butter 1 tl vanilla extract 2 pieces of dark chocolate… Continue reading Recipe: Spooky vegan cookies!

Recipe: Spinach & melon smoothie

Jump to Dutch version Ah... This smoothie is amazing. Although the texture looks a bit like moss, that's not one of the ingredients! Here's how to make this refreshing smoothie. Ingredients (for two glasses) 1/2 galia melon handful of fresh spinach 1 apple 500 ml water pinch of ginger powder Chop the melon and apple into… Continue reading Recipe: Spinach & melon smoothie