Eco-Friendly Menstrual Products

In this blog post I will share my top three eco-friendly menstrual products and also touch upon what is called free bleeding, more of a movement than a period practice. I run a feminist (book)club together with Mirjam (who wrote Veganism and Faith) and last week the topic menstruation came up. There were lots of opinions… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Menstrual Products

I Tried The EcoEgg Laundry Egg – Here’s What I Thought

EcoEgg Laundry Egg

As you might know, lately I've been trying to get our house as eco-friendly as possible. I don't mind doing the laundry but the amount of water used and chemicals flushing down the drains afterwards made me think. That's why I decided to do some research - how to make laundry as eco-friendly as possible?… Continue reading I Tried The EcoEgg Laundry Egg – Here’s What I Thought

The Weekly Vegan Update: #zerowaste Instagram giveaway!

A little bit late, this week's roundup, but here it is! I'm so proud to announce that my very first Instagram giveaway is live - make sure to participate! I've been working hard on this project - I wanted to organize something special for when I reached the 200 followers on Instagram. So here it… Continue reading The Weekly Vegan Update: #zerowaste Instagram giveaway!