The Weekly Vegan Update: Winners Announced and Livia’s Nugglets

This week is all about the three winners of my giveaway, and a new vegan product I discovered - Livia's Nugglets. #zerowaste giveaway on Instagram Today was the day: I made three people happy with a handmade bag! Congratulations to @marielouise_hd, @momnursestudentfoodie and - I hope the bags come in handy! I always use… Continue reading The Weekly Vegan Update: Winners Announced and Livia’s Nugglets

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake is easy to make and contains ingredients you usually already have in your cupboards (at least I do!). So put on your apron and get baking! Using a mix of soy milk and apple cider vinegar is my favorite way of making a vegan egg substitute. The milk starts to curdle immediately… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

Vegan Valentine Chocolate

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day today! You should be with your loved one and enjoy, even if that loved one is you! A little bit of self care comes a long way, so go treat yourself with these awesome vegan three ingredients chocolate hearts! Prep 10 minutes Portions 12… Continue reading Vegan Valentine Chocolate