Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

All my socks were wearing out - which is why I planned to get new ones. I wanted to make a conscious choice, so I did a little bit of research beforehand. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear how certain products harm the environment in many different ways. This also goes for clothing - did… Continue reading Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

Safety Razors: Everything You Need to Know

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something different. Something that felt a little bit dangerous as well. My father and brothers use them all the time, but somehow I thought that as a woman, I was obliged to buy the pink, disposable version. Yes, I'm talking about razors. There are two reasons… Continue reading Safety Razors: Everything You Need to Know

The Wax Melt Corner Review

Wax Melt Corner was so kind to gift me three of their new wax melts, lavender escape, sea breeze and fresh linen. In this review I'll share my very honest opinion about their products. About Wax Melt Corner The company is owned by two friends who wanted to start a business together for a long time and finally decided… Continue reading The Wax Melt Corner Review