Vegan Hotspots in Bilbao, Spain

So here's the thing: my partner and I love booking trips via This way, we never know where we're going until we're at the airport. It's an amazing experience but also means we don't have time to sort out our trip. Luckily, the Happy Cow app always helps us out finding some amazing vegan hotspots in… Continue reading Vegan Hotspots in Bilbao, Spain

Review: Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit

For my 25th birthday, I organised a fundraiser for Friends of the Earth International. My goal was to reach £250, a tenner for each year I've been around on this beautiful planet. Thanks to friends and family, I was able to raise £337. When donating the money, I received a Bee Saver Kit, which I'm… Continue reading Review: Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit

Vegan Soap Review: Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere Portofino

I bought this soap ages ago and just started using it this week, because I first wanted to finish the hand soap we already had. It has been lying around for so long that the whole cupboard smells like this soap - and that's okay, because it has a very lush fragrance! Only because of… Continue reading Vegan Soap Review: Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere Portofino