Make Your Own Elderflower Syrup

Zelfgemaakte vlierbessensiroop

The elderflower season has officially begun! The sweet scented flowers can be used in various recipes. Today I'm sharing my recipe for Elderflower Syrup with you! Remember I wrote a piece about if picking wildflowers is legal? I partly wrote it because I was curious myself - I love strolling through nature and picking flowers, plants… Continue reading Make Your Own Elderflower Syrup

Spicy Vegan Cashew Cheese

Kitchenoflion is back at it again - this time with a recipe for spicy cashew cheese! This is the real deal, so make sure to try it out! If you're not really into spicy food, you can replace the chipotle chilli flakes and smoked paprika powder for other herbs of your liking! Kitchenoflion is weer… Continue reading Spicy Vegan Cashew Cheese

Vegan iced latte recipe

With the weather getting better and better, I was really looking forward to making a cold version of my latte. Here's the recipe! To make the latte creamy and smooth, I used condensed coconut milk. For a more healthier (less sugars) version, just leave the condensed coconut milk out and top up your coffee with… Continue reading Vegan iced latte recipe