How to Make Your Own Oat Milk

Spring naar Nederlandse versie Yesterday, we tried something new. We made our own oat milk! It's not even that hard to make, you just have to get the right tools for it, like a milk bag. A milk bag? I hear you saying. Yes, that's right (although a piece of cheese cloth will do as well).… Continue reading How to Make Your Own Oat Milk

No-egg Vegan Golden Cake

Spring naar Nederlandse versie Hey y'all! I hope you're having a fantastic week! Today I wanted to share with you this completely vegan recipe for golden cake. You might have noticed a whole hype around turmeric, including "golden lattes" - basically hot plant-based milk with turmeric and other spices. I added turmeric to this delicious… Continue reading No-egg Vegan Golden Cake

Vegan Valentine Chocolate

Spring naar Nederlandse versie Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day today! You should be with your loved one and enjoy, even if that loved one is you! A little bit of self care comes a long way, so go treat yourself with these awesome vegan three ingredients chocolate hearts! Prep… Continue reading Vegan Valentine Chocolate