Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

All my socks were wearing out - which is why I planned to get new ones. I wanted to make a conscious choice, so I did a little bit of research beforehand. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear how certain products harm the environment in many different ways. This also goes for clothing - did… Continue reading Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

Green Challenge: Two weeks of #MinimalismGame

It's been two weeks now since I've started the Minimalism Game, inspired by @hetgrotegroenegeluk. Here's an update on how I feel about the first fourteen days. The Minimalism Game is a challenge where you have to donate, recycle, give or throw away stuff. On day one, it's just one item, on day two, you get… Continue reading Green Challenge: Two weeks of #MinimalismGame

Green Challenge: The Minimalism Game

Ever heard of the Minimalism Game? Neither did I. I came across it while Twittering and it immediately sparked my interest. I was reading more about it on Het Grote Groene Geluk (freely translated to "The Big Green Happiness") - they wrote they'll be starting a new Minimalism Game in November, but I don't feel like… Continue reading Green Challenge: The Minimalism Game