Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

All my socks were wearing out - which is why I planned to get new ones. I wanted to make a conscious choice, so I did a little bit of research beforehand. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear how certain products harm the environment in many different ways. This also goes for clothing - did… Continue reading Why I Wear Bamboo Socks – and Why You Should, Too

Safety Razors: Everything You Need to Know

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something different. Something that felt a little bit dangerous as well. My father and brothers use them all the time, but somehow I thought that as a woman, I was obliged to buy the pink, disposable version. Yes, I'm talking about razors. There are two reasons… Continue reading Safety Razors: Everything You Need to Know

National Refill Day

Hey everyone! Today is National Refill Day so I hope you've got your eco friendly bottles ready, because today we're skipping single-use plastic bottles and refilling all the way! It's kinda ironic that I had to go back to my voluntary work this morning because I forgot my Dopper there yesterday - but I'd rather… Continue reading National Refill Day