The Weekly Vegan Update: Being a Kitchen Witch

I hope you are having a lovely day so far! Please join me in this weekly vegan update, in which I will tell a bit more about a new hobby of mine: being a witch in the kitchen... No, I haven't grown a wart on my nose, and my skin hasn't turned green, but lately… Continue reading The Weekly Vegan Update: Being a Kitchen Witch

National Refill Day

Hey everyone! Today is National Refill Day so I hope you've got your eco friendly bottles ready, because today we're skipping single-use plastic bottles and refilling all the way! It's kinda ironic that I had to go back to my voluntary work this morning because I forgot my Dopper there yesterday - but I'd rather… Continue reading National Refill Day

10 Surprising ways to Use Coconut Oil in Cleaning

Hi everyone! Today, Social Media Influencer and cleaning guru Arta (@mummyalwayscleans) shares with us ten surprising ways how coconut oil can help with cleaning! 1. Polish your wooden furniture With a quick rub of coconut oil and a soft cloth, your wooden furniture will come alive in a matter of minutes. If you have a… Continue reading 10 Surprising ways to Use Coconut Oil in Cleaning