Donating blood as a vegan

Yesterday I donated blood for the very first time as a vegan. In this blog article I'll tell you about my experience and how it's like to be a vegan blood donor. Why I decided to give blood It was after a night spent with a friend (yes - the same friend who inspired me… Continue reading Donating blood as a vegan

Waxing moon ritual for taking action

Waxing moon is upon us. This is a great time for growth, learning, creating, healing and transformation. With this waxing moon ritual, we'll learn how to hold on to our intentions. First phase after the new moon The moon today is in a waxing crescent phase - the first Phase after the New Moon. The… Continue reading Waxing moon ritual for taking action

A Vegan Message on International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women's Day, themed #BalanceforBetter. But we've still got a long way to go for true balance. The balance is off For me, I feel like the balance is way off. Of course, we're really takings steps toward a better future, and I am so happy with the feminists who lived before me… Continue reading A Vegan Message on International Women’s Day 2019