Michael’s Veganuary – Time flies when you’re having fun!

Dear readers, This week's entry might be a bit boring. It feels like I'm living in a bubble. It really feels like time flies! I know I'm not sleeping enough, but there's just so much to do and to discover in Oslo! One of my new hobbies is to buy groceries as cheap as possible.… Continue reading Michael’s Veganuary – Time flies when you’re having fun!

Michael’s Veganuary: A Vegan land-of-plenty

Dear readers, Maybe "a vegan land-of-plenty" is a bit over the top, but if there's one land where it's easy to go vegan, it's Norway. Not only because animal products are terribly expensive, but the vegan substitutes are often much cheaper as well (in the Netherlands, this is certainly not always the case). Since I'm… Continue reading Michael’s Veganuary: A Vegan land-of-plenty

Michael’s Veganuary: Preparation is half the battle

My first week of Veganuary has already learned me a lesson: I found that preparation is everything when it comes to maintaining challenges like these. When I started Veganuary, I had read a bit about veganism, what it means, how to get enough nutrients, and found useful tips and tricks to help me get through.… Continue reading Michael’s Veganuary: Preparation is half the battle