about kitchenoflion


Hey! My name is Lisa and I’m the person behind Kitchenoflion. This is where I gather all my recipes, gardening tips & tricks, eco-friendly inspiration and much, much more. I consider myself a green witch interested in spirituality, herbalism, astrology and (of course) cooking.

Together with my partner Ron I cook loads of plant-based dishes. Hence the name – Lion is a contraction of lisa and ron. Officially pronounced lee-on, but my star sign is leo so I don’t mind if you pronounce it like the animal! 🙂

Although this website focuses mainly on vegan recipes, it’s more than just that. Think of Kitchenoflion as a house, where the kitchen connects all the other rooms – the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, and even a backdoor to the garden! (This is quite literally how our home looks like, our kitchen being the center of everything). This means you’ll find more than just recipes.

If you’d like to collaborate with me, please get in touch at kitchenoflion@gmail.com!

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