Living with a Vegan: when your partner is vegan but you aren’t

Dating a vegan when you’re not vegan yourself can come with some challenges. There might be a couple of bumps in the road, and even some heated discussions. But in the end love will always conquer as they say, and here we are.

Ron and I have been together for more than five years now, and I turned vegan three years ago. That means Ron got to know me as a vegetarian. I think both being vegetarian made our relationship easier (especially when having dinner together), but of course that all changed when I made the decision to become vegan. I decided to interview him about his experience. What’s it like to live with a vegan? Is it difficult to be in a relationship with a vegan? What’s the best thing about dating a vegan?


Just to give you a bit of context: Ron has been a vegetarian his whole life. I became a vegetarian when I was around 14 years old, then I turned vegan when I was 24.

We’ve been together for more than five years now. Do you remember how it used to be when I still was  vegetarian?
“Yes, I liked it as I’m a vegetarian myself, of course, and we could always eat the same thing. There wasn’t anything difficult about it.”

So you’re saying it’s difficult now?
“Not difficult, but a bit harder cause there are lots of things I really like, that you don’t eat, and I won’t just prepare it for myself alone. So I don’t eat it anymore, I do miss that a bit.”

What has been the most annoying thing about living when a vegan when you’re not vegan?
“Maybe not even the food after all, but I definitely think in the first few years as a vegan you talked a lot about it. Every conversation had to turn to something vegan-related. It didn’t matter what we were talking about, but you’d always change the subject to veganism. But that’s not much of an issue anymore.”

Do you think me being vegan limits us in any way?
[laughing] “Isn’t that the whole definition of veganism, that it limits what you can eat?”

Omg, no way! Think of all the things I can eat! Anyway, what are the benefits of having a vegan partner?
“Ehhh… At least we don’t eat meat, and it’s good for the environment, and for the animals.”

Is there any dish you never had before I went vegan, but that you really like now?
“Hash browns, and your famous vegan Wellington of course. It’s not like you really eat a lot of new stuff, more that you don’t eat cheese anymore.”

But what about vegan cheese?
“Yes, I think vegan cheese is okay, but it always has the same coconut oil flavour and texture, while cheese is much more varied. To answer your previous question, plant based milk is something I really enjoy now. I actually prefer my coffee and tea with plant based milk, and I never have cow milk anymore.”

As you are a vegetarian… If we would ever break up, would you find it difficult to date a meat-eater?
“Hmm…. In a way it might be easier, because I wouldn’t have to give up on anything. But meat does stink, that’s something you don’t have with a vegan. But of course we won’t break up.


“Objectively there are only good reasons to go vegan.”

Would you ever consider going vegan?
[Nods head] “I think on many points I’m already vegan, but I really like cheese. There’s no good alternative yet. If something is not vegan and something else is vegan, I do not necessarily want to eat the non-vegan option—I’d rather go for the vegan option.

Do you have any tips for non-vegans in a relationship with a vegan?
“Eat a lot of sushi together. Even when your partner is vegan, it can be fun to prepare nice, tasty food. It’s just an extra instruction you’ll have to take into account, like when someone has an allergy. Some things you just have to avoid.”

Cheeky question. What’s the best thing about me being vegan?
“There are quite some things you’re insecure about, but veganism isn’t one of those things. You know how to express yourself very well when it comes to veganism. I really appreciate that.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“Go vegan! Strange conclusion perhaps, especially coming from a vegetarian who can’t give up cheese yet, but objectively there are only good reasons to go vegan.”


 Ron is on Instagram! Follow him @rontograaf


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