Soul and Soap Solid Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Review

Hi there! After I finished my Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner I decided to go naked again. And with that I mean no plastic bottles. I did a bit of research and came across Soul and Soap.

When visiting the Soul and Soap website, the first thing I noticed is how colorful their products look. Lots of vibrant colors—I swear I could almost smell the scents of those amazing shampoo bars from my screen!

Something else that I found very handy is that they add “vegan” in the product tagline which makes life more easy when scrolling through their product pages. The Unicorn Solid Shampoo Bar immediately caught my eye because of it’s name (unicorns, duh!), so I added it to my basket, together with the Pomegranate Solid Shampoo Bar and Shine On Conditioner Bar. Read on to find out what I thought!


Unicorn Solid Shampoo Bar
I had the highest hopes for this shampoo bar, cause a “unicorn” scented shampoo bar promises something wild, something sweet, a real party in the shower! According to Soul and Soap this bar is “a fun fruity salad for your hair”. Mind you, this shampoo bar is very, very fragrant, so if you’re one to get migraines from heavy scents then this is probably a no-no for you. I, on the other hand, can’t get enough from scents and fragrances. I must admit I was a bit surprised by how citrus-y the unicorn shampoo bar was. I was expecting something more sweet, more “snow fairy” like if you know what I mean. After having used this bar a couple of times though I’ve come to enjoy the fresh scent.

But the real question is: does my hair like it?
This bar promises to “leave your hair incredibly soft, shiny and free from build-up. They also condition your hair, so you will find that you do not need to use a conditioner.” Whoops, so I bought that conditioner bar for nothing? Nonetheless, I can confirm that this bar leaves my hair soft and shiny. The first couple of times I used this bar it didn’t lather much and I had to really rub it into my hair, but after a while (I’d say after 7 washes, I didn’t really keep track of it) the bar lathers more. It’s super foamy, easy to apply and massage into my hair. I’m a fan!


Pomegranate Solid Shampoo Bar
Oh my, this scent is just gorgeous. Sexy. Rich. Yeah baby, bring it on! I know I started my review with the Unicorn bar but this one’s the real star I can assure you. As with the Unicorn bar, my hair reacts really well to this shampoo. Another plus: my boyfriend enjoys this scent more than the unicorn one (there might’ve been an increase in how often he strokes my hair at night). I would definitely recommend the Pomegranate Solid Shampoo bar.


Shine on Conditioner Bar
I’ll start off with a fun fact – if you enjoy a bath quite often just like me, you might have dropped your solid shampoo or conditioner bars in the water resulting in having to search for it, desperately hoping it won’t dissolve. Well, the Shine on Conditioner bar floats! I’m not kidding. I’ve dropped it so many times but it just comes back to the surface waiting for me to get on with it.

After shampooing I use this bar for my hair ends which desperately need it as I’ve mistreated it so much lately (going from purple to blonde wasn’t the best idea—I’m so sorry, my dear hair!). The combination of shea butter and Abyssinian Oil “helps restore shine and moisture leaving your hair smooth, soft and looking fabulous!” according to the website. I agree. Even one of my colleagues has commented on how shiny my hair looks. I mean, if you can see that from a Zoom meeting, then it must be true, am I right?!

The last thing I want to mention here is the way Soul and Soap packages the naked bars. You can either order an aluminium tin (which I did for the conditioner bar), or choose the “naked option”, meaning they will be packaged in 100% biodegradable and recyclable paper. As I already had two shampoo bar tins, I chose that option for the shampoo bars. I’m glad the company gives you the option to make an environmentally friendly choice.

I’m very happy with these products from Soul and Soap and would definitely recommend ordering with them. They also have awesome bath bombs, soap dishes and amazing gifts—have a look, you won’t be disappointed!



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