The Wax Melt Corner Review

Wax Melt Corner was so kind to gift me three of their new wax melts, lavender escapesea breeze and fresh linen. In this review I’ll share my very honest opinion about their products.

About Wax Melt Corner
The company is owned by two friends who wanted to start a business together for a long time and finally decided to take a leap into the unknown! They started hand pouring wax melts for themselves to use at home a few months back and wanted to share them with the world. They have rigorously tested their products to ensure that the best quality possible has been achieved. This is evident in their products, which are of great quality, as you will read further on.

All wax melts are hand made at their homes in Liverpool with 100% soy wax (which makes it vegan friendly!). With a variety of fragrances, Wax Melt Corner aims to cater to all tastes and preferences. Wax Melt Corner takes time and care to ensure that every product fills your home with as much joy as it has been to make it.


Lavender Escape
By now you should know that I really love lavender – the fragrance is so soothing and calming! – but as you might know, when it comes to lavender used in cleaning products, there’s lavender and lavender. Or, as a friend of mine put it, “I always associate lavender scent with toilet freshener”. I’m glad I can tell you that the lavender scented wax melts from the Wax Melt Corner are definitely like real lavender. There’s nothing chemical about it, just the fresh, soothing smell of lavender.

Sea Breeze
Oh wow. If you could just smell this… The Sea Breeze wax melts are like a day on the beach. It has a hint of salty water, a fresh breeze, sun cream lotion, and it’s almost as if my feet are buried in the sand… If you could pick just one wax melt, I would say go for the sea breeze. And that’s a lot coming from me, since lavender is my favorite scent ever! This wax melt brings back memories, as soon as I put it on the wax melt burner I was longing for the sea… I was born near the sea, and I will always be a child of the sea. I miss it so much, just jumping on my bike for a 30 mins ride and then strolling across the beach. Yes, this sea breeze scented wax melt definitely did it for me (it’s on my wax melt burner as I’m writing this!)

Fresh linen
Okay, so last but not least the fresh linen wax melts. I must say, the scent is amazing, it’s just like you’d wish your clothes and bedding could smell all day long. And I mean that, it has that freshness, something sweet, and warm. But I’m afraid I must say that I think this is my least favorite of the three It’s a bit overwhelming. I had to keep open a window because the scent was quite heavy after about thirty minutes. When I cut one in half it was much better – for me, that is. The scent itself is very good (when my partner came home from work he asked if I’d changed the bedding!) and its strength might be perfect to you. Everyone is different, so don’t miss out on the fresh linen wax melts just because I told you it’s a bit too much for me. 

Can we just take a moment here to appreciate the beautiful handwriting on these packages!

What can I say… The products that Wax Melt Corner so kindly gifted me are simply amazing. I truly like the Lavender Escape – but hey, I’m a bit biased, since I love everything lavender-scented. 😉 The Sea Breeze wax melts really got to me, bringing back memories and making me long for the sea. This is not as weird as you might think – the sense of smell is closely linked with memory. I think it’s incredible that a company so “young” has already accomplished something like this – usually it takes years and years of development to get a product that’s just perfect.
For the fresh linen, in small doses it’s a perfect scent for me, and even though my partner isn’t too fond of “all those smelly wax melts” (how dare he!), he does like the fresh linen wax melts.

Wax Melt Corner on Social Media
You can find Wax Melt Corner on Instagram (@waxmeltcorner) and on Facebook (Wax Melt Corner). Make sure to head over to their account and like them for up-to-date news and the latest products!

Do you use wax melts? What’s your favorite scent? Let me know what scents you’re ordering from Wax Melt Corner in the comment section! 🙂 

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article were gifted by Wax Melt Corner. I did in no way receive any payment for posting this review on Kitchenoflion. For more info, please visit my disclaimer.

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