National Refill Day

Hey everyone! Today is National Refill Day so I hope you’ve got your eco friendly bottles ready, because today we’re skipping single-use plastic bottles and refilling all the way!

It’s kinda ironic that I had to go back to my voluntary work this morning because I forgot my Dopper there yesterday – but I’d rather go back than buying bottled water.

How much do you save with a reusable bottle?
Everyone needs about two liters of water a day, which can seem like a lot, but with a big Dobber it’s just four refills. You would be saving 1460 plastic bottles per year by using a refillable bottle. (source) Even if you only purchased one plastic bottle a day, that’s still 365 plastic bottles that could have been spared with one reusable bottle.


But what if I just reuse a disposable bottle?
Reusing disposable bottles is strongly discouraged. First of all, it would become a big source of bacteria, since a disposable bottle is not dishwasher-safe. Washing it with hot water isn’t possible, because it will distort the plastic (trust me, I’ve tried this one). Secondly, the plastic bottle releases microplastics, which means that you’re ingesting plastic without even realizing! So it may seem like a good idea to refill your plastic bottle, but it will mainly harm you – and the planet.

What is my favorite reusable bottle?
I’ve used Dopper reusable bottles for as long as I know. It’s a Dutch brand, very sturdy, and their bottles have been improved over time. I have the Insulated Dopper, which holds 580 ml. It keeps tea piping hot, and water ice cold. Ideal for both summer and winter!


Where to refill your bottle
In my experience, coffee places like Starbucks, Café Nero or Costa don’t mind filling up your bottle with some fresh water. If there’s no such place near, however, or you’ve stumbled across a barista who refuses to refill your bottle, you can use the app Refill My Bottle. Accessed through the mobile app, the RefillMyBottle map shows you nearby locations where you can refill your water bottle for free or minimum fee.

What brand water bottle do you use? Have you found a refill point near you already?

Photos by Brian Yurasits and Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash
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