The Weekly Vegan Update: Winners Announced and Livia’s Nugglets

This week is all about the three winners of my giveaway, and a new vegan product I discovered – Livia’s Nugglets.

#zerowaste giveaway on Instagram
Today was the day: I made three people happy with a handmade bag! Congratulations to @marielouise_hd, @momnursestudentfoodie and – I hope the bags come in handy! I always use mine when going to the market, for my fruit and veggies. And completely #zerowaste, what else could you wish for?

Haven’t won anything? No worries. Kitchenoflion turns one year old in August and given the success of this giveaway, there will certainly be another one. So keep tuned – you never know if you’ll be lucky this time!


Livia’s Nugglets raw cookie dough
I found something new at Sainsbury’s: little “nugglets” of raw cookie dough with a layer of chocolate. And it’s finger licking good! They are a bit pricey though, £1.50 for 35 grams, but sometimes you should spoil yourself a bit, am I right? I secretly hoped they would taste a bit like Maltesers, but they are soft on the inside, not crunchy like Maltesers are. But I definitely recommend these if you want a little “healthy” snack on the go!

Photo by Kristaps Grundsteins on Unsplash


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