The Weekly Vegan Update: OVA and Oxford Vegan Market

Last Sunday, I went to Oxford Vegan Action for an Outreach, and after that I met up with some friends for the Oxford Vegan Market. There’s so much to tell you this week!

This is the first time of the year that I’ve been able to write for Kitchenoflion while sitting outside! I’ve got my coffee fix, the sun’s out, and I can hear birds in the background. Oh, how I love the summer! Summer also means barbecues, salads, refreshing drinks and homemade healthy popsicles. There will be lots of new vegan recipes on Kitchenoflion soon, so stay tuned!

Oxford Vegan Action
Last Sunday I went to another outreach from the Oxford Vegan Action. I brought some of my vegan cookbooks to display, for inspiration. I think one of the reasons why people hesitate to become vegan is because they don’t know what to eat. Vegans only eat grass, right? Well, joke’s on you, because a vegan diet is way more varied than just greens. Lots of people picked up the cookbooks and took pictures of recipes, and took notes as well. I think this was a great way of showing how veganism isn’t restrictive, but can actually be very varied and broaden your view on food and how to prepare it.

Oxford Vegan Market
After outreaching for about an hour, I went to the Oxford Vegan Market at Town Hall! Oh my, that was amazing. I didn’t even spend that much – I restricted myself to a tenner – but it was so nice to see all these vegan initiatives! It really gives me hope for the future. I bought three packs of snacks from Innate, two packs of butternut squash squares and one beetroot squares. Their products are 100% natural, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, grain free and, of course, vegan. And they taste delicious! The butternut squash one is like a curry, whilst with the beetroot squares you can really taste the natural flavor of beetroot. The spinach & coconut squares were already sold out, otherwise I’d got one of those as well!

The other thing I got was a spreadable cheese alternative from Heavenly Free From. It’s made of cashews and I chose the spicy one, which really tasted heavenly. Even my partner liked it, and he can be very picky about cheese alternatives.

I also walked past a stall that sold hand printed clothing, Safe & Wild. Their products are ethical – all sustainably sourced and produced – and 20% of their profits go to animal protection charities. Because I had put myself on a budget I didn’t buy anything there, but when I came home I decided to order this tee! Can’t wait for that one to be delivered so that I can try it on!

As you can read my weekend has been amazing vegan-wise, and I hope to have lots to tell you about my vegan “escapades” next week! 😉


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