Cleansing crystals during Full Moon

Hello there my lovely followers! Have you been feeling restless? Having trouble falling asleep? It might be because of the full moon. Fortunately, this phase of the moon is also the perfect moment to cleanse your crystals.

During Full Moon, the moon is at its maximum power. It usually only lasts one day. Don’t worry if you miss one full moon; you don’t have to cleanse your crystals every time. Just do it when you feel it’s right, or if you’ve bought new crystals that need to be cleansed and given an intention.

Washing your crystals
Simply holding your crystals under cold, running water will do the trick, but if you live near the ocean or a stream it’s a good idea to wash them there. But don’t do this to crystals like Selenite and Malachite, because it will damage them. Crystals like the Quartz family, and most tumble stones can be safely washed.

Set your crystals out
The ideal time to put them outside is just after sunset, or after it gets dark. It’s best to place your crystals on the earth or a natural surface. If this is not an option, put them on a windowsill where they will get direct moonlight.

Collect your crystals the next morning
It’s okay to leave your crystals out in the sun for a bit, but make sure that it’s not for too long. Some crystals don’t react well to sunlight, so make sure to take them inside again as soon as possible.

Set intentions for your crystals
Setting intentions is so important for your crystals; charging them with your energy will help them stay focused. Ask yourself: in what way would you like your crystals to support you during the upcoming month?

Once they are charged it’s best not to let others handle them, as they will absorb the energy of other people. This is why you should cleanse crystals you’ve just bought before using them for rituals or as a talisman.

Closing the ritual
As with all the moon rituals, I like to say thanks after this ritual, and thank myself for taking the time to set new intentions for my crystals.


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