Waxing moon ritual for taking action

The waxing moon is upon us. This is a great time for growth, learning, creating, healing and transformation. With this waxing moon ritual, we’ll learn how to hold on to our intentions.

First phase after the new moon
The moon today is in a waxing crescent phase – the first Phase after the New Moon. The energy of the Waxing Moon is one of increased action. If you did a working on the new moon, this is a good opportunity to ask yourself: “Did it work?”. Your new moon ritual has been all about setting intentions, how is it going so far? Try to remember what you were going for, what were your goals, your intentions? If you used a talisman during your New Moon ritual, hold it and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and think of all the steps you took to come closer to your intentions. How did you do?

Waxing moon ritual
For this ritual, you need something to write on and a pen. Light a candle, incense and use essential oils. Cedar, thyme and rosemary are quintessential waxing moon essential oils.

Take a moment to sit down in your sacred space in a comfortable position and spend a few minutes grounding and letting your thoughts come to rest. Then, when you feel the timing is right, when your body, heart and soul are in one place, think about where you are in life. Listen to your inner guidance. From here, write down how you’ve been feeling since the New Moon, what has been holding you back, what did you accomplish. If you have any new intentions you’d like to set, this is the perfect moment. If you like, after writing, put down a crystal on the paper to increase the energetic vibration.

Afterwards, thank yourself for taking the time to revisit your intentions, to check in with yourself.

Blessed be! xx 


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