A Vegan Message on International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, themed #BalanceforBetter. But we’ve still got a long way to go for true balance.

The balance is off
For me, I feel like the balance is way off. Of course, we’re really takings steps toward a better future, and I am so happy with the feminists who lived before me to create a world in which I can be relatively free. Although something happened to me today that made me think about International Women’s Day and why we should apply it to all species, not just human beings.

So what happened?
I was at a supermarket, minding my own business. As I was waiting in a rather busy aisle near the bread, a man behind me on crutches was probably in a hurry. He thought it necessary to hit me with his crutch on the side of my leg. I wasn’t in pain (although it didn’t feel very comfortable!) but I was left speechless. I should’ve stood up for myself or at least say something about it, but I just let him pass and that was it. I don’t think there were any witnesses to this, or if there were any they didn’t feel like standing up for me. I guess the thing that struck me most was that he didn’t use his crutches on all the male people who were still standing in his way. Was this pure coincidence that I happen to be female, or was this on purpose?

Like cattle
After I’d paid for my groceries at a self-scan service (I really wasn’t in the mood to face a cashier at that point), I walked outside and got thinking. I had felt like cattle, prod as if I’m worthless. Yes, maybe I am projecting my vegan views on this situation, but how this person treated me was not okay. As if I’m not someone with feelings, but something that you can just hit without feeling bad about. And that’s what happens to cattle all the time. They are hit, shoved, beaten up. Cows are robbed of their babies and sucked dry, chickens are forced to lay eggs in cramped spaces. If they protest at the way they’re treated, they can expect to get hurt physically.


Now that I’m home and have been reflecting a bit more on the situation, I feel like I should forgive this man and not talk myself into being a victim. But I will continue standing up for all those innocent animals who are treated so horribly. I will keep on standing up for their rights, even if no one else will. And that’s why I think International Women’s Day should not only be for human beings, but also for other animals.

I am sorry if this article has made you uncomfortable or sad. I just feel like it should be out in the open, and Kitchenoflion is the platform of my choosing. Thank you for reading.

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