New Moon Ritual for Setting Intentions

A new moon stands for new beginnings, relationships, adventures, and positive changes. It is the best time to set intentions for the next moon cycle. In this article, I’ll help you on your way with a New Moon Ritual.

New intentions for a New Moon
The new moon is the birthing cycle of the lunar phases, and is a good time to set intentions. To hold to your intentions throughout the month, have a talisman of your liking while performing this ritual. This could be a ring you like wearing, a crystal, anything that will help you remind you of your intentions. If you’d like to ask for love, for example, you could use rose quartz, also known as the love magnet. 

Decide on your intentions
The moon ritual is something you can prepare for throughout the month; some people keep a moon phase calendar for the upcoming new moon. When you’ve set your intentions, write down what you hope to get out of the ritual. The New Moon phase is the best time to make a new beginning, to begin a process of healing, to start a new habit, or to ask for love.


The New Moon Ritual
As with the waning moon ritual, you can take a salt bath to relax beforehand. If you wish to, you can use sage to clear your space – I, however, won’t be doing this because our fire alarm system is very sensitive! It’s also possible to use incense. Lavender and lemon balm are associated with the new moon.

Make sure your sacred space is somewhere you feel safe and relaxed. Turn off your mobile devises and make sure nothing can distract you during this ritual.

In your sacred place, light some candles. Candles are important, because the flame symbolizes your own inner light that will guide you through your intentions.

Remember those words you’ve written down? Now’s the time to recite them. If you wish, you can burn the paper on which you wrote your intentions in the flame of a candle. As it burns, imagine your words being carried up and out with the smoke into the universe (always make sure to have a bowl of water near you if you intend to burn your note). Keep your talisman in your hand, or in front of you, while you set your intentions.

Last but not least, thank the universe. My favorite phrase is just a simple “blessed be”. Say it out loud or in your mind, as you please. This ritual is all about you, so find what feels good for you.

Blessed be!


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