My Virgo Full Moon Ritual

The moon has a magnetic energy effecting the tides of the ocean, creating a rhythm for all life on this planet. The full moon represents the most powerful point in its cycle. It’s a time of high energy and high power, and also a time for releasing and letting go. In this article, I will explain what the Virgo full moon is, and how I carry out my own full moon ritual.

A day before full moon ©elisabethheida 

Virgo full moon
On 19 February, the Virgo full moon will be the closest it will be to earth all year, big and bright in the sky. It also marks the first day of Spring. The Virgo full moon gives us the opportunity to connect to the true source of our being, all that mother Earth so kindly gives us. This is a perfect moment to give thanks to all the greens that grow and nourish us, devoting the day to eating plant-based (that is, if you’re not already vegan).

Full moon purging
The presence of a full moon is an appropriate time of the month for purging rituals to take place. The light the moon offers illuminates all spiritual energies surrounding us.
The ritual that I follow is one that helps letting go of negative thoughts, feelings, and past events that weight on me. What I do first is write down everything I want to let go from the past month. Everything that has weighted me down, all that has left me doubting myself or in any way has had a negative impact on me. I write this down in a way that acknowledges my feelings, but as objective as possible. Not: “I hate x”, but “x makes me feel this way”. Explore how you feel and write it down as soon as something comes to your mind. Write down the things you want to release or change, feelings you don’t want to experience anymore, like hate, anger, or maybe feeling jealous. Now is the time to leave those feelings behind you and embrace in love.

Next, create a sacred space and arrange a time to perform your ceremony. For me, this is in my back yard, around eight o’clock in the evening. You can bring a cushion and sit on it if that feels more comfortable. Wrap up warm, because it’s quite cold outside even though this ritual doesn’t take too long. Bring with you the following items:

A box of matches
A candle
A bowl of water
your notes on a piece of paper

Light the incense and candle. Now, while seated, breathe a couple of cycles, being aware
of the fresh night air filling your lungs, giving you energy, supporting you. Look to the skies, focus on the moon.

Now, one by one, read the words you have written out loud or in your mind. Set your intention to release the negativity from your life. After this, set the piece of paper on fire. This is where the bowl of water comes in: when you can’t hold the paper anymore because of the heat, drop it in the bowl of water. Please be careful not to burn your fingers! Saying, “Be Gone” out loud can feel very freeing.

After this, make sure to thank the spirits and the moon. Show gratitude towards them and yourself. Give thanks to yourself for taking the time to participate in this purging, tapping into the power of the full moon and feeling blessed.

(Afterwards, make sure to put out the fire for your own safety!)


Crystal cleansing
As some of you might know already, crystals have the ability to absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. A full moon is the perfect time to cleanse your crystals. You can do this by collecting your crystals, taking them with you before your full moon ritual and laying them out in front of you (as long as they are in the moonlight). Ideally, you should be placed on the earth or a natural surface. It is important to charge your crystals with your intentions, which is why I think the cleansing of your crystals goes well together with the full moon ritual described above. As a final step, thank your crystals for the energy they provide.

Do you have your own full moon ritual? Let me know in the comments section! 


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