Green Challenge: Two weeks of #MinimalismGame


It’s been two weeks now since I’ve started the Minimalism Game, inspired by @hetgrotegroenegeluk. Here’s an update on how I feel about the first fourteen days.

The Minimalism Game is a challenge where you have to donate, recycle, give or throw away stuff. On day one, it’s just one item, on day two, you get rid of two items, and so forth, which means that on day fourteen, today, I’ve ditched fourteen items. That also means that today the counter is at 105 items total. One hundred and five items! That sounds massive. But is it as much as it sounds? To be honest, no. I’m still surrounded by stuff and every day I find more stuff to get rid of.

Even though there’s enough to throw away, there’s a mental process going on. In the beginning, I just got rid of stuff I was already planning on ditching, but during the two weeks I’ve also donated, recycled or given away stuff that had some emotional value to me.

These past two weeks have also been a lesson in letting go. Sometimes the memory is better than the material. Does that mean I’ll throw away stuff I really feel attached to? No. But it does mean I’ll put more thought in it before buying anything. I’m asking myself questions: do I want it? Do I need it? Would I still want it after 2 years? I have developed a more strict selection process and I think it will help me maintain a more minimalist lifestyle.

Let’s see what the next two weeks bring me. I’m continuing the Minimalism Game until I’ve reached the thirtieth day!

PS. Follow my progress at @kitchenoflion


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