Vegan Soap Review: Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere Portofino

I bought this soap ages ago and just started using it this week, because I first wanted to finish the hand soap we already had. It has been lying around for so long that the whole cupboard smells like this soap – and that’s okay, because it has a very lush fragrance!

Only because of the lovely perfume of this soap bar I’d give it an A+, but there’s more! The wrapping says that it’s vegan friendly and there’s no any animal ingredients or testing, which is amazing! “Skin and environment friendly for a guilt free legacy”. That sounds absolutely amazing!

Soap bar

The only thing which makes me a bit sad is that my skin feels quite dry after using this bar. That’s the only part that sets me of. Oh well, that’s a good excuse to find a good vegan hand lotion!

Get yourself a 3 pack here, or click here to buy one bar of Nesti Dante soap.

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