My Inspired by Ivy bracelet

Yesterday, my sister came to Oxford and we had a lovely time! Furthermore, she brought a small package for me – the bracelet I’d ordered at Inspired by Ivy.


This beautiful bracelet was made by Joyce, also known from nevernotcooking. I’m not going to tell the story behind Inspired by Ivy – I’ll leave that to Joyce, the owner of the etsy shop (You can read the story here). But what I do want to say is that I think you should follow her on Instagram, not only because she makes beautiful jewelry, but also because she’s such a strong and inspiring woman. I can’t imagine what I’d done if I were in her shoes. It takes so much strength, courage and love to get where she’s at now.

I’m proudly wearing this bracelet now. It’s even more special to me because of the story behind it.

I heard that she’ll be doing a giveaway when she reaches 250 followers – another reason to visit her profile and click the “follow” button!


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