One step at a time

Okay… Here we go.

I find this a pretty exciting moment, which might be strange, because I’ve blogged before on my travel blog. I have nothing to lose, but still, it feels exciting. I’ve postponed writing this post till everything was finished… But now that everything is actually finished, I can hardly postpone it any longer. So here it is: my fist blogpost on Kitchenoflion

Last summer, I raised £337 for Friends of the Earth. My goal was £250, a tenner for every year that I’ve been on this beautiful planet. It was nice to see how involved people were – even people who I hadn’t spoken to for a very long time, donated. Sweet! Hopefully, their donations will help Freinds of the Earth save bees, prevent plastic pollution, and so on.

With that thought in mind, I started this blog. I hope to inspire others. More specific,  want to show that a plant-based lifestyle is not at all difficult, expensive and/or annoying. You can make it as difficult as possible (like I make a sport out of buying only vegan beauty products, which can be very difficult!), but nature has so much to offer us, that it’s become unnecessary to use animal products. I’m not going to propagate veganism here too much, and I do not want to make you feel guilty for putting cow milk in your coffee, occasionally eating a hot dog (although there’s a vegan version at IKEA now!) and still walking on leather boots. I myself still own a pair of leather boots I bought three years ago, and I’m planning to wear them until they fall apart.

You won’t find recipes with meat, milk, honey or other animal products here. Instead, you will find fine plant-based substitutes for these and other animal products. So what are you waiting for? Go follow @kitchenoflion on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, add this blog to your bookmarks, and do come by and have a look around now and then. I’ve already planned a nice giveaway for mid-September…

Now the most exciting moment: pressing the “publish” button. Five… four… three… two… one…

Website launched!


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